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Forgottenhonor Summer 2017 Info

Postby Stronkie » Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:44 pm

ForgottenHonor Squad Server Promo

What is so special , well there is a Squad Tournament in the making. More info will follow soon.

Hello people of F|H

First off I want to thank you all for those who are still with us at ForgottenHonor.
We had the last year many setbacks and that has resulted in a drop of active members , groups leaving FH and other negative talk.

Well first of all , The Staff of ForgottenHonor is not that big now in numbers , we only have 2 people that are working for FH. Those two are doing one hell of a job to keep the things above water. We still have an campaign of Forgotten Hope 1 , People are playing Rust , The guys from Red Orchestra are still playing, We have our own Minecraft server comming up.

Also I want to tell you all , that we are planning a Squad Campaign. For the guys that do not know what that is , it is the next step from Project Reality. Stronkie has made sure that , we as forgottenhonor , have a lot of players playing this game since it started pre-alpha 2 years ago. Also do we have an official Squad 80 player Server.

For more information , please look at the forum.

F|H Wishes you all a good Summer Holiday 2017

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