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Forgotten Honor TeamSpeak Viewer

Forgotten Honor I am please to announce that the problems with the FH2 Branch will soon be sorted. A further update will be posted over the next few days.

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Posted by Korsakov829_Admin on Wednesday, September 10 @ 22:01:38 UTC
Forgotten Hope 2: Branch Manager Needed

Forgotten Honor Firstly I would like to Erwin for his hard work managing the FH2 branch, thank you for the time and effort you put into Forgotten Honor and the Forgotten Honor Branch. We are currently looking for a new Branch Manager:

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Posted by Korsakov829_Admin on Sunday, September 07 @ 21:46:08 UTC
Battlefield 2: vBF2#1 - Coming Soon

vBF2#1 A campaign for vBattlefield 2. Signups are planned to open sometime in August 2014, exact dates and further details will be revealed in another post at a later time.

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Posted by Korsakov829_admin on Sunday, July 27 @ 07:55:04 UTC
Forgotten Hope 2: Nations Cup 2014 - Signups now open!

Nations Cup 2014 This year the Nations Cup is even bigger, stronger and better. With Forgotten Hope 2 players of all nationalities playing together in teamwork based squads in a 2/3 weekends tournament style competition. We can ensure you will see a lot of action. This event will be the first of many that will happend in the future to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Forgotten Honor.

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Posted by Korsakov829_admin on Saturday, July 12 @ 01:23:03 UTC
Forgotten Hope 2: Nations Cup 2014

Nations Cup 2014 After the success of previous editions of the Nations Cup we are happy to announce that we are soon opening the sign-ups for the Nations Cup of 2014! Together with this years' Nations Cup we will introduce many new features that will make this Nations Cup even bigger, better and more intense than ever before!

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Posted by Korsakov829_Admin on Monday, July 07 @ 20:28:10 UTC
Dead Island Epidemic Beta Key Giveaway

Viae RomamGenre: MOBA
Platform: PC/Steam
Controls: WASD / Mouse (Controller support will have to wait a lil)

Epidemic is a spin off title from the original Dead Island and is set in the same universe. It however is a completely different game, so dont expect an FPS.
Its a top down game much like LoL/DotA or Diablo, where you control one single Character with various special abilities (sharknado, automated turrets, raining ducks, etc.).
Unlike any of those however, Epidemic uses WASD controls to move around, instead of point and click.

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Posted by Lister471_admin on Tuesday, June 10 @ 15:21:28 UTC

H1Z1 is an upcoming Free To Play MMO Survival game to be released by Sony Online Entertainment using the powerful Forgelight game engine. A zombie apocalypse thriller set in the United States.

The game will soon be released on steam for early access.

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Posted by Mathew90_admin on Sunday, June 08 @ 22:49:13 UTC
Forgotten Hope 2: FH2 Campaign 15 - Battle #6: Kasserine Pass

Viae Romam "The Battle of Kasserine Pass was a battle that took place during the Tunisia Campaign of World War II in February 1943. It was a series of battles fought around Kasserine Pass, a 3.2 km wide gap in the Grand Dorsal chain of the Atlas Mountains in west central Tunisia. "

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Posted by on Friday, May 02 @ 10:04:14 UTC
Planetside 2: PS2 Pickup, Server Smash Event LIVE TONIGHT - Woodman VS Cobalt

Server Smash

Forgotten Honor's Marauders will be participating in tonight's community event, Server smash is a large scale 192vs192 battle over the fields of Esamir over conquest of the 6 facilities and numerous outposts.

Watch the battle live on stream at Twitch TV, on the Esamir continent. Large scale coordinated battles you don't want to miss it.

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Posted by Mathew90_admin on Saturday, April 26 @ 19:16:45 UTC
Forgotten Hope 2: FH2 Campaign 15 - Battle #5: Longstop Hill

Viae Romam "On the night of 22/23 December 1942, the 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards mounted an attack, capturing what was thought to be all of the massif. The Germans counter-attacked driving the Americans off Djebel el Ahmera. The next night the Guards successfully recaptured the hill only to find, when daylight came, that another summit, Djebel Rhar, remained to be assaulted. During the night the Guards once again attacked but, after capturing the second hill, were driven off by a furious counter-attack by the Germans on Christmas Day. Thereafter the massif was known by the Allies as Longstop Hill and by the Germans Der Weihnachten Hügel."

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Posted by on Thursday, April 24 @ 00:00:00 UTC
Support Forgotten Honor 2014 !

Support Forgotten Honor Members of Forgotten Honor, the time has come again when we ask for your help to enable us to continue to provide you with the campaigns and the groups that you enjoy.

Without donations the unthinkable may happen and the doors many of us call home may be forces into closing for good. Please help me ensure that this does not happen and donate what every you can spare.

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Posted by Lister471_admin on Wednesday, April 23 @ 22:16:09 UTC
Forgotten Hope 2: FH2 Campaign 15 - Battle #4: Gazala

Viae Romam "The Battle of Gazala was an important battle of the Western Desert Campaign of the Second World War, fought around the port of Tobruk in Libya from 26 May to 21 June 1942. Rommel found himself in a precarious position and pulled back into a position abutting the British minefields, a defensive position termed 'the Cauldron'. When Ritchie attacked his armoured forces were decimated, and Rommel maintained the initiative and pursued the British into Egypt. "


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Posted by Korsakov829_Admin on Tuesday, April 15 @ 15:50:30 UTC
Forgotten Hope 2 - 2.46 Launch Party

FH2 2.46 Finally our long wait is over and we can get back in the action with this brand new patch, featuring new vehicles, maps and weapons to continue the fight. And where else to better test this new patch other then the Forgotten Honor Server!

Play Forgotten Hope 2.46 at it's best with the fine soldiers of Forgotten Honor.

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Posted by Lister471_admin on Friday, April 11 @ 20:10:55 UTC
Project Reality: Campaign #3 'Operation Hunter-Killer'

Operation Hunter-Killer Forgotten Honor Tournament proudly invites you to join the third Project Reality campaign! Task Force 121 is looking for a challenge against Team Omega. After Team Omega blew Team Aegir out of the water with a crushing defeat of 6-0 from campaign #2, Task Force 121 thinks they are "up for the task" of taking on Team Omega Join Task Force 121 to put an end to the long reign of Team Omega, or join Team Omega to protect the winning streak that they hold.


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Posted by Korsakov829_Admin on Monday, April 07 @ 00:00:00 UTC
Forgotten Honor 2014 10th Anniversary

fh at 10 title= This year Forgotten Honor will reach its 10 birthday. This is massive milestone and one i am sure you will each help us celebrate. The main attraction on that wondeful day will be the rolling out of are new website.

Yes i did say new website. Powered by Joomla and held up the gantry framwork the new site will transform the way we can use are site and help Forgotten Honor grow to a size bigger than ever seen before.

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Posted by Lister471_admin on Thursday, April 03 @ 19:49:55 UTC